Corporate Social Responsibility

Exceltec strongly believes in giving back to the society. Beyond regular monetary donations, we have provided our property and facilities management services to charitable organizations at cost. Exceltec will continue its Corporate Voluntarism activities to organize community projects and participation in community services to continue our legacy of contributing back to the community.


Yearly community event sponsorship & support for NKF patients


Exceltec’s CSR program with Burmese Orphanage

Exceltec’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program does not limit itself to Singapore; the company has also embarked on overseas CSR programs. The group aims not just to expand our business overseas but to help build sustainable communities. For example while expanding into Myanmar, Exceltec instituted a CSR program with the local Burmese orphanages. This is in line with Exceltec’s vision to create a world where people and spaces fulfill their full potential, profitably and sustainably

“Being truly successful means bringing positive impact to the community, society and the world in general.”

Mr Koh Hock Seng, BBM
Managing Director

Please contact us for CSR partnerships and opportunities.

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