March 27, 2020

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To Our Valued Clients, Partners & Stakeholders,


During this period of extreme uncertainty, Exceltec’s priority is the safety and well-being of our
families, colleagues, clients, partners and the many friends who support Exceltec.
The virus we know as COVID-19 has been recently confirmed as a pandemic by the World
Health Organisation (WHO). It is clear that this virus will continue to grow at an accelerated
rate with over 470,000 cases and 21,000 deaths confirmed at the time of this letter. The
message from the WHO is explicit – Humanity’s success in tackling this crisis is heavily
dependent on Countries, Governments, Organisations and People playing their part in
flattening the curve.

The Singaporean Government along with our neighbouring Governments have put in swift and
strict measures to minimise the spread. Exceltec too has put in our own rigorous controls to
play our part. The result of these controls however, may inevitably impact our ability to provide
full service to you. We apologise in advance for any delay or reduction in our service levels.
Exceltec will however continue to prioritise response to emergencies and critical services.
Even with these measures in place, we must be prepared for the possibility of even tighter
controls over the next few months. We thus seek the cooperation and understanding of all our
Clients, Partners & Stakeholders as we work together through this.

At this juncture, we also ask our Clients to review the current operational scopes at your
respective sites, to see if there may be certain non-essential works that can be delayed,
rearranged or suspended for the time being. Exceltec will make all efforts to complete these
works when it becomes possible.

Our teams in Exceltec have been trained to respond to potential COVID-19 issues. Should
you require to speak to us on any COVID-19 concerns, you may reach out to your respective
Team/Account/Operations Managers or directly to myself at the contact details below.
From all of us at Exceltec, thank you for your support and we wish you the best of health.

Timothy Goh
Head, Corporate Services
BCP Team Lead

For COVID-19 queries, please email to

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