Training and Talent Development

In Exceltec, we are proud to achieve one of the biggest challenges facing in most companies is to ensure OUR PEOPLE are constantly equipped with the right amount of knowledge, upskilling and the capabilities to perform their job independently. Also, it is within our power to have our people grow along with our company to accomplish the company’s mission and vision.

We continue striving to understand our employees on their areas of strength and weakness at both strategic and operational levels, this is to focus and customise our training accordingly. At the present, we have established a handful of experienced and competent in-house trainers to build a training road map, conduct various in-house training/courses/workshops, and collaborate with external training centres and institutions such as ITE COJTC to improve our staff qualities and capabilities.








Learning Management System (LMS)

As the world progressed to demand a more innovative way of learning and we all went through Covid-19 that require many of us to work from home and prevent face to face interaction, Exceltec we adopt LMS where our people are able to learn and re-learn wherever they are whenever they can and use any device such as mobile phone and laptop.

Our LMS covers such as Workplace Safety, First Aid, Customers Service, Theory on ACMV system and many more!