Property & Strata Management

Exceltec’s property and strata management services are tailored to maximize the potential of our customer’s estates through asset enhancement and cost-saving initiatives. We are confident that our pro-active and strategic approaches far exceed our competitors in the industry.

We have aligned our in-house expertise to provide relevant technical, soft-skills knowledge transfer and learning to harness our service delivery to meet our clients’ expectations through the following deliverables:

  • Annual visual inspection & recommendation by our Engineering team for M&E equipment.
  • Elective Project Management Services for cyclical and improvement works
  • Integrated Property Services package (M&E, Cleaning, Landscape, Pest Control etc.)
  • Fitting out works and Tenancy Co-ordination services
  • Energy Management and Evaluation services
  • Deep expertise in strata management
  • In-house Qualified Persons (QPs) to undertake turn-key project management inclusive of statutory submissions to the commissioning of project.

At Exceltec, we go beyond the scope of a normal Managing Agent (MA). Our package affords strata property owners an added peace of mind and we focus on fostering strong community spirit in each of our managed estates. Our unparalleled value-added services include:

Notice Board

24 hrs Mobile Maintenance Board

Event Gathering

Residential Projects


La CaSa

Parc Emily


The Warren

Gardens @ Bishan

Industrial Projects

Unity Centre

Enterprise Hub

Shun Li Industrial Park


Woodlands 11

Estate Social Events

The Warren Resident's Day

Gardens @ Bishan Day

Mid Autumn Festival

CNY @ Shun Li

Excalibur Centre Bowling Tournament

CNY @ Springbloom

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