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Our Training & Development Framework

Effective Employee Training Plan

Modern Building

Our Key Areas of Talent Development

Attract and Retain Talent

Promising career progression and robust prospects

Develop People Capabilities

Understanding our employees’ goals, strengths, weaknesses and talents

Create a Value-Based Culture

Fostering a positive workplace for long-term success

Motivate and Engage Employees

Encourage effective communication and employee participation, coach for success, inspire creativity, and reward effort.

Build an Employer Brand

Nurture a culture aligned with the organization’s mission throughout the employment lifecycle


Learning Management System (LMS)

As the world progressed to demand a more innovative way of learning and with the COVID-19 pandemic requiring many of us to work from home and limit face-to-face interaction, Exceltec has adopted a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows our people to learn and re-learn wherever and whenever they want, using any device such as a mobile phone or laptop.


Our LMS covers a variety of topics, including Workplace Safety, First Aid, Customer Service, Theory on ACMV Systems, and many more.

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