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Corporate Social Responsibility

Exceltec strongly believes in giving back to the society. Beyond regular monetary donations, we have provided our property and facilities management services to charitable organizations at cost. Exceltec will continue its Corporate Voluntarism activities to organize community projects and participation in community services to continue our legacy of contributing back to the community.

"Being truly successful means bringing positive impact to the community, society and the world in general."

Mr Koh Hock Seng, BBM
Managing Director


Throughout each year, Exceltec management has taken the opportunities to communicate the key goals and objectives of the year and reiterate our vision and mission to all staff. Due to the constraints set by the pandemic, Exceltec was not able to organise mass events these few years. Nonetheless, we continued to organise smaller-scale get-together sessions for our staff, mini-celebrations as well as other activities. These events also serve as an opportunity for us to express our gratitude towards our staff.

Exceltec Year End Party 2022

Go Hike Go Bond Go Clean 2022

Monthly Good Job Award to Staff