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Green Sustainability

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At Exceltec, we recognise the responsibility and the impact we have on shaping the future of our society and the environment. We are committed to running our business in a responsible and sustainable way, taking into account the long-term real impact of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues on our company, our people, our supply chain, the environment and our clients. We aim to achieve these goals while also delivering positive financial and societal outcomes.

Green Mark

Our Services

Solar Panels in Mountains

Energy Management

Our advanced IOT solutions can track and optimise energy consumption to reduce usage and achieve energy cost savings, helping to safeguard the environment.

Green Mark Certification

We offer a complete suite of solutions for Green Mark certification and recertification, such as energy audits, facilities enhancements and final submission for certification.

Green Balconies
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Indoor Air Quality

We offer professional air conditioning and kitchen exhaust duct cleaning and disinfection services using state-of-the-art technology to effectively eliminate harmful bacteria, allergens, and mould.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Our EIA identifies and evaluates the potential environmental impacts of any proposed development. We assess the physical, chemical, biological and environmental impacts before, during and after construction of the proposed development.

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