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Environmental & Cleaning Services

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Exceltec's specialized teams enable us to provide a comprehensive range of environmental and cleaning services with the highest quality of service delivery. Our teams are equipped with modern equipment and innovative ideas to ensure that we meet our customers' service scope and requirements.


Exceltec has recently adopted Outcome-Based Contracting, which has become a popular and novel business model in the cleaning industry recently. Exceltec has adopted this model and, with the help of advanced technology, has realized significant increases in productivity while meeting the requirements of this new model.

Smart QR Code System

To track attendance and collect feedback from multiple sources

Smart Solutions

Employ innovative technologies to address environmental challenges, promote sustainability, and create a greener future

New Capabilities

New know-how resulting in the ability to provide new services and generate new revenue. E.g. Disinfection Services

Autonomous Cleaning Robots

Use of robotics to reduce reliance on manpower

Smart Toilets & IoT Solutions

Use of in-house technology to increase productivity in maintaining toilets. Move from routine to on-demand maintenance

Environmental Sustainability

Minimize energy consumption and carbon emissions. Use only environmentally friendly products and chemicals

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