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Certificate in Basic Domestic Plumbing

Course Overview

The Certificate in Basic Domestic Plumbing is meticulously crafted to equip participants with foundational knowledge and hands-on skills essential for understanding and managing domestic plumbing systems effectively. This comprehensive course delves into essential concepts, techniques, and safety protocols, empowering individuals to confidently tackle common plumbing issues such as small leakages and simple fixture repairs independently. By mastering these skills, participants not only gain the ability to save on plumbing costs but also contribute to maintaining a well-functioning home environment.

Furthermore, this course enlightens homeowners on relevant legislation, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding plumbing maintenance and upgrades. Through a blend of theoretical understanding and practical application, participants emerge equipped with the expertise needed to navigate and optimize their domestic plumbing systems with confidence and efficiency.

Who Should Attend

The Certificate in Basic Domestic Plumbing is ideally suited for:

1. Homeowners
2. Renters
3. Maintenance Staff
4. DIY Enthusiasts
5. Those Considering a Career in Plumbing

Course Outline

• Types of Blockages in the sanitary and sewer system
• Basic tools for Domestic plumbing maintenance
• Role & Responsibilities of a house owner.
• Types of Water supply System
• Types of Water Fittings & water closets and Bathroom fitouts
• Basic Sanitary & Plumbing Desian and Drawings
• FAQs

Course Duration

10 Hours (inclusive of 45 mins Assessment)

Training Days

Weekdays or Weekends

Course Venue

2 Jurong East Street 21
#05-05 IMM Building
Singapore 609601

Trainer: Trainee Ratio


Attendance Requirement

Participants to meet at least 75% attendance to receive certificate

Mode of Training

Classroom and Practical


Oral questioning and Role Play

Assessment Requirement

Able to answer at least 8 oral question and able to perform role play with steps.

Completion Requirements

Participants to meet at least 75% attendance to receive certificate

Entry Requirements

Be able to listen, read, speak and write English


Certificate of Competency (CoC)

Course Fee

S$300 (excluding GST)

Payment Information


TSC Code


Training Grant

Pending for approval

Funding Validity Period

Pending for approval

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