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Basic Traffic Supervisor Course

Course Overview

The Basic Traffic Supervisor Course is thoughtfully crafted to provide participants with vital knowledge and skills vital for overseeing traffic operations and upholding road safety standards. This comprehensive program encompasses key areas crucial for effective traffic supervision, such as understanding traffic management principles, mastering traffic control devices, navigating regulatory requirements, and honing communication strategies essential for effective coordination on the roadways.

Who Should Attend

The Basic Traffic Supervisor Course is ideally suited for:

1. Traffic Supervisors
2. Transportation and Logistics Professionals
3. WSH personnel
4. Emergency Responders

Course Outline

• Traffic Management Principles
• Traffic Control Devices
• Regulatory Requirements
• Effective Communication
• Incident Management
• Case Studies

Course Duration

4 Hours (inclusive of 30 mins Assessment)

Training Days

Weekdays or Weekends

Course Venue

2 Jurong East Street 21
#05-05 IMM Building
Singapore 609601


At client preferred location

Trainer: Trainee Ratio


Attendance Requirement

Participants to meet at least 75% attendance to receive certificate

Mode of Training

Classroom and Practical


Multiple Choice Questions

Assessment Requirement

To attain a minimum score of 80% accuracy on the multiple-choice questions.

Completion Requirements

Participants to meet at least 75% attendance to receive certificate

Entry Requirements

Be able to listen, read, speak and write English


Certificate of Competency (CoC)

Course Fee

S$220 (excluding GST)

Payment Information


TSC Code


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