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Fire Extinguisher Awareness Course

Course Overview

The "Fire Extinguisher Awareness" course is designed to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills to safely and effectively respond to incipient fires using fire extinguishers. This training program is suitable for individuals in various settings, including workplaces, residential areas, educational institutions, and public facilities. The course emphasizes the importance of quick and appropriate action during a fire emergency to prevent potential disasters and protect lives and property.

"Fire Extinguisher Awareness events are commonly organized in various settings to promote fire safety and equip individuals with essential knowledge and skills to respond effectively to small fires. Some of the typical occasions where these events take place include:

• Company Fire Drill
• CERT (Company Emergency Response Team) Training
• EP Day (Emergency Preparedness Day)
• Safety Day
• Workplace Training Workshop
• Fire Safety Exhibitions
• Residential Building Awareness Programs
• Public Awareness Campaigns
• Community Events and Festivals

Who Should Attend

• Employees in workplaces
• Homeowners and residents
• Teachers and school staff
• Facility managers and maintenance personnel
• Building and property owners
• Volunteers and community members
• Small business owners
• Anyone interested in fire safety

Course Outline

• Types of fire extinguishers: water, foam, CO2, dry chemical, wet chemical, etc.
• Components and operation of fire extinguishers.
• Limitations and storage requirements of fire extinguishers.
• The PASS technique: Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.
• Demonstrations of using fire extinguishers on various fire types.
• Hands-on training (if feasible) to practice using fire extinguishers safely.
• Addressing fire safety concerns in the workplace, home, schools, and public spaces.

Course Duration

2 Hours (30 mins Theory and 1.5 Hours Practical)

Course Venue

2 Jurong East Street 21
#05-05 IMM Building
Singapore 609601


Client Site/ On-Site

Trainer: Trainee Ratio



Theory and Practical


No Assessment

Entry Requirements

Participants is physically and mentally fit


There is no certification

Course Fee

S$420 per session

Training Grant

No Funding

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