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WSH Committee Training Course

Course Overview

The Workplace Safety and Health Committee Training Course is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively contribute to a safe and healthy work environment. This comprehensive course equips participants with the tools to understand, assess, and address potential workplace hazards, fostering a culture of safety within organizations.

Who Should Attend

The Workplace Safety and Health Committee Training Course is beneficial for a wide range of individuals within an organization. This includes:

• Safety Committee Members
• Supervisors and Managers
• Human Resources Personnel
• WSH Coordinators/ Supervisors
• Employees Interested in Safety
• Organizational Leaders
• Union Representatives

Course Outline

• Introduction to Workplace Safety and Health Committees
• Hazard Identification and Assessment
• Risk Assessment and Management
• Emergency Preparedness and Response
• Inspection and Audit
• Communication and Training
• Collaboration and Conflict Resolution
• Case Studies and Best Practices

Course Duration

8 Hours (1 day)

Course Venue

2 Jurong East Street 21
#05-05 IMM Building
Singapore 609601

Facilitator: Trainee Ratio



Theory/ Practical and Role Play


Practical Assessment, Role Play

Entry Requirements

Assume, Minimum WPLN level 4 and above


Certificate of Attendance (CoA)

Course Fee

S$180 excluding GST

Course Code


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