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XC CMMS User Account Deletion

Below describes how user can request to have their user account deleted from the system and how account deletion is being managed.


  • User deletion request in two steps:

    Step 1 - From XC Home App, go to the bottom menu, select ‘More’ and select ‘Delete Account

    Step 2 – Select ‘Confirm’ to initiate request to have account deleted.

Step 1
Step 2
  • The deletion request will be received by HQ Administrator, who will proceed to terminate the user account. For control purposes, site staff are not given access to delete users.


  • Data deletion will include the removal of user personal information such as name, contact number and email address. User submissions from the past, such as facility booking requests, estate application forms and feedback forms, will also be removed. We ensure that all data relating to the user will be deleted from the system.


  • Upon deletion, user data is retained in the system for additional 45 days before being completely purged from the system.


  • There are no reports in our system that allow anyone, including the HQ Administrator, to extract or download user(s) details.

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